“Papa has got transfer to Bhopal “my mom said in a shocking   tone.

“What? Really? Are you serious? “I said being puzzled

“Yes, he has to join Bhopal by end of January “explained my mom

“But I don’t want to go there, I don’t even know what kind of place it is” I cried, I knew the pain of loosing friends as I lost many when we moved from Delhi to Dehradun.

Images of the past blinded my eyes. All the fun, the excitement, My  friends, the green hilly areas, rivers ,caves, were going through my mind.

I suddenly picked up the phone and called Sanjeev and Prakhar (My best friends)   and explained them about my departure . The news spread among all my friends like lightning.

Dehradun Buddyz

Dehradun Buddyz

The day had come to bid Goodbye

The thoughts of loosing my friends made me cry but on the other hand I knew this had to happen in some or other manner. I knew after few days everyone would move thought India in search of colleges. A farewell party was arranged for bidding me goodbye. Millions of videos and pictures were clicked that day. We all hugged each other for hours. As it was the End of our lives, I saw tears roll down from the eyes of my friends.


I reached Bhopal a day before Boards-Exams result was declared. I was in an entirely different place I had no clue where to find a café around the place. Phone was the only source to know about my performances.

“Hey, I am really sorry but you have a compartment in Maths” said Nitin (My cousin) in a serious tone.

My heart stopped pumping that instant!. My whole body became Numb. I could not feel anything for few minutes until I learned out it was a Prank being played on me.I had passed with 85% in CBSE examinations. I was took admission in 2-3 college’s in Delhi. I preferred to stay with my mom and dad so I opted for a college in Bhopal.I was admitted to Sagar institute of research technology and sciences. I searched orkut to find out some new friends of my college. I met Rishab  ,Alka  and Nupur on orkut .

############## I st day of college #################

“What kind of College uniform this is? Why is it that College’s of Bhopal have a Uniform? I am Not a kid anymore?” I argued with my mom.

“just wear it, you might get late if you keep arguing” said my mom.

I rushed and climbed into the bus in a nick of time.

“Who the **** do you think you are? And how come you are wearing these sports Shoes” Said a senior in a heavy Loud Voice.

“Its Mah First day Dude, is I was getting late so I wore it?” was my reply

“DUDE!!! What the ****?is this how you talk to your seniors? Looks like I got to teach you some “FUNDAZZ!! ”” said another  senor.

Since it was my 1st day he taught me some rules for a while and send me back in the bus.

“Hey are you Aditya from Delhi?” said a girl sitting on the seat right ahead of mine

“We met on orkut” she said giving a mysterious smile (1st person who i interacted in bhopal,other than the seniors)

“ohh yeah, how are you? Did these stupid senior troubled you too?” we became friendly & reached college.

In college only one last seat was vacant, with all new faces.

“I am Jai Singh Sahu, and this seat is taken, you can’t sit here” said A black Dark Boy with a stylish accent, still I sat there.we ended up being buddyz.

1st day of college was great I met many friends and had a nice time, although I got a bit afraid of the seniors. My cousin sister also took admission here. One of my dehradun friend Pradeep also Ended up in Bhopal.

Bhopal is a nice place with all the lakes and nice places to visit.The people are also nice…I think ill enjoy the stay here..

One year Passed so quickly. I came to know about 80% of the students of our college.

My dad was transferred again back to Delhi. Had I known earlier that they world move in 1 year .I would  had opted for a college in Nodia.Now I have to pass next three years here in Bhopal.

Now when ever I met my mom I sing the song

Kya Itna Bura Hu Mai Ma?……           Taare Zameen Pe”

Hehehe Just for Fun … And my mom starts giggling…

SO now the incidents Starts….



Continued see chapter 1….


16 Responses to “Prologue”

  1. Intutius Says:

    Nice beginning….
    Please continue..:)

  2. Mickey Says:

    why u r making it a freely available one …….

    why dun u ..write a novel instead !! ask 4 cash.:)

    1. aditya169 Says:

      ill be the Next chetan Bhagat….

      1. Arpit Says:

        Writing your biography? ha?

  3. anklet Says:

    hmm..righty said!!chetan bhagat part-2..lollzz..
    really,a gud beginning..!!

  4. swati Says:

    hey adi u r gr8……….
    u write awesome…………
    leave dis blog & start writing a book………

  5. richa Says:

    hey adi !!
    believe me , u make the rocking and innovative component of my friendlist !!!
    keep up that gr8 going dear!!
    ur text has indeed helped me to travel down the memory lanes of our school dayz!!!

    thanx dear!!!

    well i”ve a complaint 2 register !
    u havent mentioned me !
    forgot me ????

  6. richa Says:

    this isthe way chetan bhagat chose !!
    must say ur on the way 2 b next him!!!



  8. Esther Says:

    Adi, am sure you’re gonna miss your friends but its a great way to make as many friends possible. You will have the chance to cherish the moments spent with all your friends. Don’t worry! =) And All the Best

    1. aditya169 Says:

      Thanks a Lot ESther

  9. aditya169 Says:

    Thank you Esther… I have moved on now, New place new friends though Departure is the worst thing if life… 🙂

  10. mritu... Says:

    wow , awesome adi
    ur text has indeed helped me to travel down the memory lanes of our school dayz!!!
    and i think it will be also helped to travel down the memory for everyone who will read it…..
    really yaar….$
    thanks ….

  11. Stuti Jain Says:

    Hey.. u write awesum.. gr8 work.. keep it up.. 🙂

  12. aditya169 Says:

    Thank you Stuti

  13. ankit paliwal Says:

    nice wrk dude…. ur story seems interesting…. !!!

    keep up the good work

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